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The Morebyte AirPods Pro has been designed to provide Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound, a Transparency mode so you can hear what's going on, and customizability fit for comfort throughout the day. In the same way that AirPods connect wirelessly to your iPhone or Apple Watch, AirPods Pro does the same thing. In addition, they can be utilized immediately after being removed from their packaging.

MagSafe Charging Case

More than twenty-four hours of battery life may be acquired using the MagSafe Charging Case. ¹ When it is time to charge, place the case on top of your MagSafe charger or a charging pad that is compatible with wireless charging, and allow it to set. In addition, you may use the Lightning connector to charge your device when you are not in the range of a wireless charger.

Active Noise Cancellation

The AirPods Pro headphones are very light noise-canceling headphones. They filter out your environment so that you can focus on what you're listening to instead of the world around you. AirPods Pro employs two microphones, an outward-facing microphone, and an inward-facing microphone, to improve noise reduction. Active Noise Cancellation blocks the outside world so that you can pay undivided attention to your music, podcasts, and phone conversations. It does this by continually adjusting itself to the shape of your ear and the way the ear tips fit.

The mode of Transparency

If you switch to the Transparency mode, your AirPods Pro will enable ambient noise to enter, enabling you to better hear and connect with your environment. AirPods Pro can remove the silicone tips' sound-isolating effect by including microphones that face both outward and inside. This ensures that everything sounds and feels as it should, such as when conversing with the people around you.

Brand-new design

You can find your ideal fit with the Morebyte AirPods Pro with the cheapest price needed thanks to the three different-sized flexible silicone tips available. They include an internal taper that allows them to fit snugly in your ear, keeping your AirPods Pro in place and providing an excellent seal for adequate noise isolation.

Amazingly high-quality sound

The deep bass is created with a custom-built driver with a high excursion and low distortion. Pure, crystal-clear music is produced by a high dynamic range amplifier that also helps preserve battery life. In addition, the Adaptive EQ feature fine-tunes the sound to your unique ear's shape for an immersive, uninterrupted listening session.


Create magic

The H1 chip, developed by Apple, has an extremely low audio latency. The force sensor on the stem enables simple management of music, phone calls, and the selection between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes. You may have Siri read your messages aloud through your AirPods by using the Announce Messages with Siri feature. And with Audio Sharing, you and a buddy may listen to the same music, podcast, or movie on two different pairs of AirPods at the same time.

Key Features:

·        Easy Airpods setup

·        Fast charging

·        Sweat and waterproof

·        Active Noise Cancellation

·         Mode of Transparency

·        Soft Silicone Inserts (three sizes)

·        Pressure-balancing vent system

·        High-quality audio/voice

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Better Than I Expected

Spetember 28,2022

Good value for money product with great storage capacity. Really convenient to move data between mobile and laptop. it would have been perfect for all tasks.

-Abhinav Sharma

Best Product

Spetember 25,2022

This is best quality of product, they provide us very affordable price, i highly recommended this product.

-Raghav Mishra